In 2014, i got really excited when i stumbled upon some tracks by this crew, dating back to 1992. They contained all the things i love about Hip Hop; Rugged production, firing horn sections, fast raps, caustic deliveries and unashamed local accents. The sound sits somewhere between The London Posse, Demon Boyz and Cyprus Hill and their name was unknown to pretty much everyone i mentioned them to including many die hard Hip Hop historians. No official releases exist and apparently no billed gigs were ever played, but there was no doubt in my mind that had ‘Say What I wanna Say’ in particular, been given a proper release at the time of it’s production in 1992, it would today sit comfortably amongst bonafide UK Hip Hop classics of that era and be considered a part of UK Hip Hop heritage. For me, they stand for something. it’s an artefact. A relic from an era long forgotten, from a crew who loved doing what they did, and did it for the love alone. An important piece of history, that never happened whilst simultaneously happened in the most real way possible and for me embodies the true spirit of Hip Hop.

Three of these tracks were mixed down by a then unknown Roots Manuva and appeared on a very limited run of white labels in 1993 that never made it to official release. One of these would set you back 75 quid if you managed to find one for sale on Discogs, while the other three tracks only ever existed on a cassette and are being released for the first time ever.

Needless to say, Fat Hop is very excited to be bringing you this record. All 6 tracks cut loud on to 12″ Vinyl with fully artworked sleeve.


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