During the last few years, Binny has cemented his reputation as a purveyor of fine quality Techno music. His tracks ooze warmth and style and are made with obvious respect for the artform, putting him up there with the best and marking him as a producer to keep a close eye on.
Ahead of his appearance at the Don’t 5th birthday party this April 28th in London, CHECK IT OUT HERE, I caught up with him and threw a few quick questions his way !

1. Why ‘Binny?’

It’s a bit of a stupid story to be honest – it’s a nickname I’ve had for over 20 years now because someone in school once said I had a coat that looked like a binman coat (it didn’t really, but you know what kids are like). I honestly can’t believe it’s stuck for so long – all my friends, and even my girlfriend and her family, call me by that name to this day.

2. How long have you been DJing for?

I started when I was about 17, so about 16 years now.

3. What decks did you learn on?

I had some lovely Citronic direct-drive decks + mixer (they weren’t really lovely, they were pretty terrible – when I realised I kind of liked DJing I soon upgraded to some Technics 1210s and DJM-600 mixer).

4. Where or from whom did you receive your techno education?

I used to be into all kinds of electronic music like progressive house and trance, but when I first went to Bugged Out and Voodoo in Liverpool I realised that listening to techno music was personally much more rewarding. It took me a couple of years, but I started to lean heavily towards the sounds of Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and Regis and I think those influences are quite strong in the music I make today.

5. Name 5 Techno tracks that are important to you

Jeff Mills – Step To Enchantment

Regis – Speak To Me

Robert Hood – Minus

Neil Landstrumm – Blam The Target!

Morganistic – Bellows

6. Which of your own productions are you most proud of and for what reason?

My favourite track is Minimise (which might seem a bit strange as it’s one of only a few tracks I’ve made that isn’t banging). I think I managed to achieve a level of subtlety with that one that normally eludes me. In general though I find it quite difficult to pick from my own tracks, although I probably tend to play Mispress, No Surrender, Dark Space, Resistance and my remix for Endlec the most these days.

7. Name one track you’re looking forward to dropping at Don’t on the 28th

I’ve got the Minimal Nation mispress here (the one with the Jeff Mills tracks on it) and I fancy playing some things off that. They’re all about 150bpm so should get the crowd going nicely!

8. You are the third Phantom Planet Outlaw to play at Don’t. Both John & Mark have played previously. Did they have anything to say about it?

They said it’s one of the best nights they’ve played at because the crowd certainly knows how to have a good time and the atmosphere is fantastic. It’s for this reason why I can’t wait myself.

9. Who do you think the special guest could be?

I had a chat about this with some friends recently and we came to the conclusion that we have no idea whatsoever. I’m happy to wait for the surprise myself – nothing like a bit of mystery and intrigue around a techno night!

10. What track would you play someone in the hope of converting them to Techno?

I think you’d have to be careful with this because it took me a while as an “outsider” to understand techno all those years back. Seeing as though it’s pretty versatile genre, I’d have to suggest something more melodic like Rhythim is Rhythim – Icon or Strings of Life. If they liked that then I could start upping the ante a bit.

11. Boss Tracks 001 has just come out , are there more releases planned for the label?

We’re quite relaxed about any future releases although we are discussing what the best way forward is. We’re considering doing PPO-only tracks on the next one as we’ve got a lot of material from some old live sets that we could make into an EP or two but we’ve no fixed timescales for this.

12. Who does the cool artwork for the PPO releases?

His name is Alan Kerr, who also does the artwork for the Tabernacle Records releases. He did such a great job on the artwork for us the first time that we decided to continue using him for all future PPO releases. A lot of techno artwork is quite serious-looking these days, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but we wanted to keep ours a bit more light-hearted and fun.
His website is http://www.deadboydesigns.com/ if anyone wants to have a look.

13. Name one producer you’re into that we might not have heard of

That’s quite a difficult question to be honest, as promotion via Facebook has brought attention to a lot of lesser-known artists these days. One guy who I’m continually impressed by (and feel is massively underrated) is Kaelan, who also releases as 2030. His productions range from functional dancefloor stompers to melodic Detroit to dub techno and you can tell a great deal of feeling has gone into everything he produces.

14. Whats next on your release schedule?

My new one on Tortured is out next, called “Devil’s Orchestra EP”, which should be released in late March. I feel quite honoured to have a release on such a long-standing British label and I can’t thank Billy Nasty enough for that.

Some remixes and another couple of EPs are also complete, although they haven’t been announced yet so I can’t really say much at the moment unfortunately.

Thanks very much to Binny for giving his time.